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Lorne Andrews & Rhea Ramprashad

Lorne Andrews - Principal Broker

Rhea Ramprashad - Director of Operations and Training

Who is DLC Expert Financial?

"Both Rhea and I, truly believe that we were put on this earth to help impact people's lives.  Being part of one of the fastest-growing DLC franchises in Canada, our ability to help our agents reach new levels of success and growth both professionally and personally is a privilege that we are truly grateful for. "&Nbsp;

DLC Expert Financial is an award-winning Ontario Mortgage Brokerage. We have been around since 2001 and have over 5000 clients we have serviced across Ontario for their mortgage needs.

We are a company on an endless pursuit of greatness. Our goal is to help you thrive. We are a business built on service. We provide you with tools that empower you to reach your potential and beyond. We are thought leaders with no limits to our goals.

Our existing team is a highly diverse group of talented mortgage professionals who take pride in the work we do. Our goal as a brokerage is to provide the skills, training, education, and tools to make you the best mortgage professional possible. Our commitment to our clients is to ensure we are providing them with top-quality services that meet and exceed their needs, always.

We are committed to fostering a culture of growth and learning.

Our experts are here to help you become a master of your craft.

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The Tools and Skill Development You Need to Succeed

Expert Training & Skill Development

As successful entrepreneurs, we know that continuing education is imperative to enhance your professional skills. At DLC Expert Financial, we believe that education only makes us better and that’s why we offer personalized training to our agents.

DLC Expert Financial has built a suite of products and services to help you and your agents succeed in the day-to-day. Book an in-person meeting, phone call, or webinar with our talented and passionate trainers. They will take you through topics like:

  • Upcoming product launches.
  • Marketing materials and branding.
  • Weekly Broker skills training.
  • Lender sign-up, product education, and the importance of lender relationships.
  • Todd Duncan coaching and resource access.

Exclusive to DLC Expert Financial - Agent Marketing System

What if you were able to sponsor the marketing of your Realtor partners and help them generate leads to build their business?  Your mortgage business is a byproduct of your Realtor partner's success.  
Here is how it works:

  • Unlimited Lead Generation Single Property Websites with text capture
  • Unlimited Agent Websites
  • Automated property YouTube video creator with auto branding embedding
  • Automated Listing Presentation creator
  • Automator Social Media marketing creation and feature sheets...and more

You have the potential for greatness!

If you could achieve your goals 10 years sooner what impact would that have on your family?


Do you believe that with the right support around you, you could move towards your potential and impact more lives?

Have you reached a ceiling and need to break through?

Does your management team know your goals?

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