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"Lorne was able to help my husband and I get a great rate very quickly. We came to him desperate after a less experienced broker failed us and we’re not disappointed. We would highly recommend his services and I have already started referring people to him. As a real estate agent I need fast, friendly and reliable service for my clients and Lorne continues to deliver!"

"You have been such a blessing to have come into our lives. Thank you again I need to just follow up with the insurance company other than that all has been a relief. April 25, 2020"

"Reverse Mortgage Client! Thank you so much for helping me stay in my home instead of selling at this present time. I am enjoying myself and can only say that it has brought much relief to my situation in a heartbeat! I am pursuing each day with new goals and most definitely taking some time now to smell the roses as I have worked so hard all these years to have this special place called home, made it my own and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. I am putting the interest away each month as savings for emergencies and also that I may pursue fruitful events when the 5 year term comes up instead of paying bills and debts my goal will be to do some travelling to places I have only dreamed of. Thank you Lorne for helping this once hardworking gal get a second chance in her middle age after such hardships due to our economy and Covid challenges! I want to also thank Jaina and Rhea both were incredible supportive and extremely understanding and very upfront and honest through the transaction. You have all given me some dignity back that others sadly tried to take away. Words don’t express how you have let me breath once again. I also thank you kindly Lorne about the conversation that we all had with my kids when I had a video call with you, coming from someone else it was important what you had to say. Thank you again. Kind thoughts always Marion and her loving cosy at home furballs."

"Lorne was recommended to me by a friend and I’m sure glad he did. All our discussions (over the phone) were in a very candid, casual and friendly manner; you never feel you are being pushed or rushed. Infact, I had no issues whatsoever in converting my mortgage from fixed to variable just 4 days before closing. So I found Lorne very accommodating and always available around the clock. I would definitely recommend him to others."

"Great experience switching our mortgage. Gave us many options, terms and rates to choose from. No fees and awesome communication along the way!"
Alice Star

"Lorne is some one who is working from his heart with his client and he look at individual as his family member which is mean he care about them and he put his best effort. He is one of those unique people who you can’t find it in modern life. I highly recommend to have business with him and it would be a big pleasure for every one."
Elle Mollaei

"Lorne has gone above and beyond being a broker. As it was my first home buying experience, he also educated me in all aspects of home buying. Highly recommended !!!"
Alexey N

"Lorne is not only an expert at what he does, he communicates with a passion. We are so fortunate as real estate practitioners to have him as a resource!"
George Randle

"Lorne was knowledgeable, courteous, and fast to respond to any question. He layed out all my options very clearly and reviewed all my alternatives so it was easy to make a choice about my mortgage that was right for me and my family. I also very much enjoyed his quick 1-2 minute video blurbs explaining concepts within his emails. Thanks Lorne!"
Will Huggon

"Most down to earth person I ever had to deal with. He put us on a path to have less stress in our lives.He had our best interests at heart.I am so thankful I was introduced to him."
Adrian Marchand

"Lorne was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will be recommending him to friends and family."
Angela Cumberbatch

"Lorne did an excellent job of answering any and all of our questions that we had with our first mortgage. Lorne really took the time out of his day to call us and explain any questions we had, made the process a lot easier!"
David Passalacqua

"Service was great … The team is very professional… highly recommend"
Gagan Bajaj

"Lorne was very professional. He found the rate and lender I required. I would recommend Lorne Andrews for your financial needs."
Paula Fitzgerald

"Was a great experience. After a stressful divorce and then having to obtain a mortgage on my own for the first time… Lorne and his team made this a positive experience. Always answering my many questions…never making me feel like I was bothering them. Thank you"
Terry Pilon

"Lorne did a great job from beginning to end. He was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole process."

"As a first time home buyer, I wasn’t too sure what to expect or look for when searching for a mortgage. I knew I needed assistance with the process and that’s when I came across Lorne and his team. Lorne did an amazing job assisting me with finding a mortgage that worked best for my situation. He is very detailed in explaining all the options and has your best interest in mind. He was very prompt and provided great communication throughout the entire process. I’m very thankful for all the help that was provided and look forward to working again together in the future. Thank you Lorne & Team!!"

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